We deliver a sense of security and kindness, whether it’s in daily routines or during emergencies.

About us?Value

JPホームサプライ株式会社 JPホームサプライ株式会社

Our core values

JP HOUSEHOLDSUPPLY COMPANY LIMITED will continue to contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and sanitation by linking six business fields, centred on the sale of household paper and hygiene products, which are essential to daily life.

Message from the President and CEO

JP HOUSEHOLD SUPPLY LIMITED was established in 1985 as an independent company from the household paper sales division of JAPAN PULP AND PAPER COMPANY LIMITED.

Today, not limited to the household paper-related business, we have expanded our operations to address social issues in six different areas, including environmentally friendly pet-related products, disaster-relief ‘Toilet Trailers’ designed to protect lives and connect networks during disasters, and environmentally conscious non-fossil fuel power. We deliver a wide variety of products to our customers.”

One of our three key features is the ability to source the products and services our customers need globally (both domestically and internationally).
For example, disaster-relief ‘Toilet Trailers’ are sourced from the US and sold domestically. In addition, as a retail electricity provider of environmentally friendly electricity, we support our customers in decarbonisation.
We have established a structure to optimally coordinate and deliver a wide range of customer requests by leveraging our network with group and domestic/international partners.

The second feature is our strong planning ability, particularly in product planning. Since developing the coreless toilet paper ‘NoCore,’ patented for its resource and environmentally friendly features, we have independently planned and launched unique products, such as eco-friendly paper cat litter.
Furthermore, we have partnered with biotechnology companies utilising microorganisms to sell and expand products applicable in agriculture, livestock farming, and daily life. We grasp potential market needs, enhance synergies, and collaborate with manufacturers to develop ideas into products.

The third aspect is our human resources, or human capital. Our dedicated team in this small but highly efficient organization possesses strengths developed in the field, including technical expertise, know-how, and adaptability. With the belief that “sales strength is a reflection of human qualities,” we consistently focus on creating a workplace environment that values compliance, fosters open communication, and cultivates our human resources through the promotion of wisdom, innovation, action, creativity, and passion. Our human capital aims to grow and evolve together with our customers.

Our company operates a business that provides “a sense of security” and “kindness” to people in the areas rooted in daily life, addressing both “Itsumo” (everyday routines) and “Moshimo” (during emergencies) scenarios. For instance, in daily life, we support individuals suffering from Chemical Sensitivity and Fragrance Pollution through the Chemical Sensitivity Support Center, particularly via household paper products. Additionally, we assist ‘Ashinaga Ikueikai’, which supports children who have lost parents due to illness, disaster, or suicide, as well as children from families where parents are unable to work due to disabilities, by providing scholarships, educational support, and emotional care.

Moreover, in times of disasters, the synergy of the three elements – Self-Help, Mutual Aid, and Public Assistance – complement each other and is essential. When a disaster strikes, our toilet trailers, as well as neighboring municipalities toilet trailers, are immediately deployed to provide comfortable restroom facilities, contributing to the protection of lives through the establishment of the ‘Earthquake Toilet Network’. We are also actively promoting products such as ‘Emergency Storage Toilet Paper’.

You can count on JP HOUSEHOLD SUPPLY LIMITED for ‘Itsumo’ (daily routines) and ‘Moshimo’ (during emergencies) and ‘Korekaramo’(In the future ahead).

President and CEO

Matsura Takeyuki

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Why choose usReason

The three strengths of JP HOUSEHOLD SUPPLY LIMITED

We not only engage in the development and sales of household paper products but also offer solutions and consulting services utilizing materials such as paper, alongside with environmentally impactful product proposals. From sourcing everyday products to solving social issues, we support your business through the three Intelligences: Network, Knowledge, and Solutions.

01 Network Intelligence

Utilising a network of over a 100 Japan Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd. group.

We are a part of Japan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., a leading company in the paper industry. As a paper supplier, the company has expanded its business domain by providing a stable supply of not only household paper but also products that meet the needs of a wide-ranging demands of customers. Utilizing the extensive network of 127 companies within the Japan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. Group, we offer optimal products and services tailored to our customers’ needs, from a wide range of products that support daily life and industry.

Network Intelligence
Network Intelligence

02 Knowledge Intelligence

The product expertise cultivated in household paper and our knowledge as a specialized trading company.y

Since our establishment in 1985 as a specialized trading company in household paper, we have grown and developed in collaboration with numerous manufacturers. We offer a wide range of diverse products and provide solutions to address your challenges based on the nature of your inquiries. Furthermore, we have expanded our business areas beyond household paper, exploring new markets and partners in areas such as hygiene products, pet supplies, resources, and energy.

03 Solution Intelligence

Planning, procurement, and proposals aimed at solving customer and societal challenges.

The core concept of our flagship product, ‘JP NoCore,’ which features long sheets of toilet paper without a cardboard core, has been appreciated for its environmental contributions and efficiency since our company’s inception, and it continues to be favored by many of our customers. This concept of providing the world with products that contribute to the environment and society has been continued in the development and sale of products such as “Shiawase Kokochi,” a toilet paper that uses as little chemical substances as possible, and “Toilet Trailer,” a mobile flush toilet for use in disasters.

Solution Intelligence

Our BusinessBusiness

Household paper and sanitary

Household Paper and Hygiene Products Sales Business

The sale of household paper and sanitary products such as toilet paper, tissue paper, and paper towels has been the core business since our company’s inception. We handle products from over 40 household paper manufacturers, including CORELEX Group and others. Additionally, we offer a wide range of products such as deodorisers, disinfectants, and various cleaning supplies that contribute to the improvement of household and public hygiene.

Sanitary and Facility Equipment Sales Business

We offer disaster relief toilets, ‘Toilet Trailer,’ and dedicated cleaners, as well as various sanitation-related facilities. We also actively contribute to society through mutual dispatch of toilet trailers in the event of disasters in cooperation with local authorities.

Sanitation and facilities equipment
Other lifestyle products sales business

Other Household Product Sales Business.

We sell environmentally friendly paper-based toilet pellets for cats, as well as pet sheets, diapers, deodorisers, bedding for small animals such as hamsters, and various other pet-related products. We are also working with companies that use biotechnology to clean up the environment, and are expanding the range of applications to include agriculture, livestock farming and lifestyle-related activities.

Paper, Packaging Materials, and Paper-Related Supplies Sales Business

We handle cardboard cases, large craft bags, and craft paper for use in shipping household paper products. We are also focusing on environmentally friendly products such as Load Stability Systems/Water-Soluble Adhesives to reduce the use of stretch film packaging in product distribution and promote environmental sustainability and efficiency.

Paper, packaging materials,and paper-related supplies sales business
Resources and energy related business

Resources and Energy-Related Business

In the resources sector, we focus on the sale of recycled paper and biomass materials used as raw materials for household paper. In the energy sector, we are expanding our offerings to include new energy solutions, including environmentally friendly power generation from non-fossil fuels, and the sale of high-efficiency steam valves
We are addressing environmental concerns and cost reduction needs.

Global Expansion Business

Our sources and sales outlets for the final products extend not only within the country but also into Southeast Asia.
We provide high-quality, Made-in-Japan products such as the base paper and raw materials for toilet paper and tissue paper and cat litter to meet the needs of customers worldwide.
We are particularly focused on handling pet-related products, especially cat litter, and are leveraging the extensive network of Japan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. Group as well as our unique distribution channels.

Global expansion business

Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Each staff member of the Japan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. Group companies deeply understands the group’s principles and policies, contributing to building a sustainable society and realising a better future for the global environment through our business activities.

Initiatives for SDGs

Company profileCompany

Company profile

Trade name
Location/contact information
main office
〒104-0054 Forefront Tower 12th floor, 3-12-1 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6204-9591 FAX 03-6204-9939

Western Japan Sales Department
〒541-0048 7th floor, JP Building, 1-6-10 Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
TEL 06-6233-6458 FAX 06-6233-6466
Representative Director and President Takeyuki Matsuura
May 21, 1985
Closing date
March 31st
60 million yen
Nippon Paper and Pulp Trading Co., Ltd. (100% investment)
Business content
Household paper and sanitary
Other lifestyle products sales business
Paper, packaging materials,and paper-related supplies sales business
Resources and energy related business
Sanitation and facilities equipment
Global expansion business
Number of employees
17 people (as of April 1, 2023)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Nihonbashi Branch
Mizuho Bank Nihonbashi Branch
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Tsukishima Branch


〒104-0054 Forefront Tower 12th floor, 3-12-1 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

5 minutes walk from Exit A4 of Kachidoki Station on the Toei Oedo Line
From JR “Tokyo Station”, take the Toei Bus “Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit” bound for “Toyomi Suisan Pier” and get off at “Kachidoki 3-chome” and walk 3 minutes, or “Harumi Pier” bound and get off at “Kachidoki Bridge Minami-zume” and walk 5 minutes
From JR “Yurakucho Station”, take the Toei Bus “Yurakucho Ekimae” or “Sukiyabashi” to “Toyomi Suisan Pier” and get off at “Kachidoki 3-chome” and walk 3 minutes, or “Harumi Pier” and get off at “Kachidoki Bridge Minami-zume” and walk 5 minutes